VersaDock Wales

It just works!

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South Wales Boat Show
Versadock in use at the South Wales Boat Show

The Versadock Modular Dock & Pontoon system is now established as the most innovative and wide ranging available in the world today.

Versadock combines over 30 years of industry experience with constantly developing technology and product range, including the patented V Float and V-berth drive on docking system.

The range of floats available, the widest on the market,provides an ideal system for home and residential docks, walkways, ramps, slipways and jetties.

Versadock also offers permenent or temporary solutions for Marinas, Bridges, working platforms, Beach Resorts, Helipads and more.

A modular diving platform for any environment

Looking for a dry dock for your boat? A safe storage place for your PWC? A floating pontoon for safe boarding of your craft, whatever the state of tide or water level?

Or perhaps a versatile floating dock from which to launch your rowing skiff? Park a digger or two for transportation across a river? Or a floating platform from which to effect repairs to a larger vessel or riverside residence?

It even comes in handy as a jump for jetskis and zap cats!

Whatever you need, you need VersaDock - it just works.