VersaDock Wales

It just works!

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VersaDock is maintenance free and will always be ready when you are.

With every concievable mooring attachment, whatever the tide state, or weather condition, VersaDock provides a stable and safe area that can rise and fall, without any need for adjustment.

Modular Pontoon

Looking for a floating pontoon which you can build to any shape you want?

Whether it's a classic T shape, a simple length, or any combination of these, you can build it simply and easily with Versadock.

If you want to make sure you're always inches from the waters edge, regardless of the state of tide, Versadock floating pontoons are the perfect gangway to your craft. Customise it by combining it with PWC and Boat docks, handrails and floatstep ladders.

Not only is it stable and safe, it's also UV stabilised and freeze resistant, so whatever the weather, it just works.